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Patio Covers: Our patio covers extend your living area and opens your home to the outside, creating a space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Under the roof of your patio you are protected from the elements, expanding the possibilities for entertaining and enjoying your garden.

Choose from skillion or gabled design using flat deck or profile roofing with timber, steel or aluminium supports.

colorbond profile roofing

Screened & Glass Additions: Create a fully screened area from your patio, protected from insects and the extremes of our weather. A screened room provides gentle cooling breezes and air circulation in summer with windows providing protection from the cooler conditions of winter.

Or transform your patio or deck area into a light filled additional room with a full glass enclosure creating a new family living area.

Flat deck roofing patio cover     enclosed patio creates another room

Insulated Ceilings: An insulated ceiling gives your enclosed patio area complete protection against the variables in the weather, helping maximise the value of your addition. Patio Masters can install an insulated ceiling when first building your patio area or we can retrofit into an existing structure.

Insulated ceiling for maximising climate control

Glass enclosed and insulated patio     Insulated Gable ceiling for your screened or glassed addition

Carports: A carport is a simple addition to your home that protects the value of your car and improves the value of your home. Talk to us about the range of options available to install a carport in your home.

carport by side of house


Flat roofed patio creating additional shade and space

patio area with colorbond profile roofing

enclosed patio on steep block

enclosed patio



insulated ceiling allows for an air conditioning unit









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